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    What am I flying on ? | Find about your plane.

    What am I flying on ? is the reference about airplanes which are flying right now above your head. 

    The app let you find your airplane just by typing a name, a code or a manufacturer.
    The app is for everyone from the person who wants to know which plane he is will be seating in to the plane lover with really specific data.

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  • Features

    In detail.

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    Scan and find !

    Scan your boarding pass and get your flight informations and your plane.

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    Flight informations

    A little bonus

    When you scan your boarding pass, you get also informations about your flight and a direct access to your plane.

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    The core of the app

    Just find out the codes of your plane (IATA & ICAO), the number (and the max) number of seats, the required take-off/landing field length, the rate of climb, the flight range, the maximum cruise altitude and the wing span !

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    To go faster !

    Search your plane by name, code, manufacturer or flight !

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    Plenty of planes.

    More than 60 planes.

    There are more than 70 planes of 12 different manufacturers. Airbus, ATR, Avro, Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer or even Sukhoi !

  • Download the app :

    For iPhone (iOS 9+)

  • Contact us !

    Just drop us a word or ask us anything !